360° Management Support and Services

We help racing drivers on and off the racetrack to be successful and to make the right decisions on the right time.

Career Management

Wrong decisions cost a lot of money in motorsport. We stand for well-considered and sustainable career planning under the best possible conditions and with one goal: long-term performance. Take advantage of our huge network in international motorsport.

Driver Development

Perfect racing skills, physical and mental training is very important in motorsport. Through cooperation with internationally recognized partners, we can offer you tailor-made and even personalized coaching.


Together we create and develop sponsoring opportunities for a great win-win situation between companies and racing drivers.

Contract Negotations

With nearly 20 years of experience and with many successfully negotiated and signed contracts, we can help you to achieve the best win-win agreement.

Media & PR Service

Communication can have a huge impact on your career. From social-media network management to public relations coaching, we offer you worldwide support for efficient communication.

Local Partner

GMDR always close by.

Our local partner will additionally and actively support you in your daily business.

Organization / Planning

The successful key in a racing driver’s life ist planning and organization. We can help you make the most of your time (on and off the track).